News From the Social Worker

News from the Social Worker
Mrs. Anne Barry, our school Social Worker, works each day to support the students and families of the ELC. Here are some current resources:

Family to Family Connection Course

NAMI offers a 12 week course for family & friends of persons who are living with a mental illness. This course is one of NAMI’s most effective tools to help families deal with serious mental illness by providing information and understanding.  Problem solving, communication techniques, and acquiring strategies for reacting to crisis and relapse are learned. The course and materials are provided free but prior registration is required.

NAMI Basics Education Program

This 6 week program is designed for parents and caregivers of children/adolescents with mental health conditions.  It provides basic information on treating mental health conditions, communication, problem solving and coping skills, and school systems’ roles in supporting children.

In Our Own Voice Presentations

In Our Own Voice presentation demonstrates how individuals with severe mental illness experience recovery.  Each program presenter has been through training to translate the story of his or her own struggles and successes.  This is a free presentation by people living with mental illness.