About Us


The Early Learning Center will create a foundation for a positive educational experience for young children that are purposeful, engaging, nurturing and safe through communication and collaboration with families and community.

The Crete-Monee Early Learning Center (ELC) Preschool Program is designed to serve children who are academically at-risk. Parents of 3 and 4 year old children who are not yet eligible to attend kindergarten for the upcoming school year may contact the ELC for additional program information.

Academically at-risk means concerns in major areas exist that may impact a child’s academic development. These areas include: motor skills, social-emotional skills, speech and language skills, concept development, physical development, health, behavior, attention, family situations, and income status.

All students entering our program must go through our screening process.

The Early Learning Center focuses on supporting student needs, educating students and their families on early childhood development, and developing educational skills while providing a variety of fun learning experiences. This may be our family’s first exposure to the Crete-Monee School District and we want to make it wonderful experience. We consider ourselves a team with the families to assist students in getting their needs met and preparing for their future educational experiences. We look forward to you joining our team and allowing us the opportunity to assist your child with their educational needs!


Kelly Chesta

Director, Crete-Monee Early Learning Center